Saturday, January 23, 2010

videoA lipdub performed by Erika and Cassidy to the music of The Final Countdown by Europe. During a lipdub you mouth the words to the song but the original vocals are heard.
videoA Lipdub courtesy of Erika, Cassidy and Seth performed to the song "Down" by Jay Sean.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A few more pictures to add to the collective. Three of these (I'll let you guess which ones) are of Cassidy's birthday. Yes, she is 15, only a few mores years of "teenagerdom" and she will be someone we can live with. The other picture is of a windmill farm that we saw on our trip home from taking Ashee to Rexburg. We saw a couple of these during our trip.

A few random pictures. The group picture includes, of course, our family but also the Boswell family. We met for a pre-New Year's evening get together.
A few pictures of Ashlee's dorm at BYU-Idaho are included as well as a picture of the Rexburg Idaho Temple.