Saturday, May 5, 2012

Seth at the Academic Honors program.  He scored a nice GPA during High School and will get to wear the Gold Cord at Graduation. 
This was Rebecca's first year of track.  7th grade track.  The races she particpated in were the 100 hurdles, the 1600 and the 800.  Her first race of the year (actually her first race ever) was the 100 hurdles.  Part way down the track she encountered a stubborn hurdle and the end result was Becky on the ground.  I just told her, you know you got the fall out of the way.  Next week she will enter the Big 11 Conference Meet as the one of the two hurdlers for CJHS.  Good Luck, Becky.  It was fun to watch her run the distance events (1600 and 800).  At one point during during preseason practices she ran an 11 minute mile.  But time and practice can help a person as towards the end of the season she ran a 7:40.42 mile.  Woot! Woot!  To see one of her races, please click on the link.  You may need to copy it and paste in your browser.  Sorry for the horrible taping.  It is hard to watch and tape.
Cassidy running the 4 x 4 at a recent track meet.  When track season started she ran the 100 hurdles, 300 hurdles and 4 x 4.  As the season progressed she took part in the 4 x 8 and has now switched from the 100 hurdles to the 4 x 8.  She now runs the 4 x 8, 300 hurdles and the 4 x 4.  Running cross country last season started a certain coach on the team wanting to put her in an 800 race, he finally got his way and we will see what happens...stay tuned.
Janelle will hate me for putting this picture in, but hey what are blogs for anyway.  Yep, her 43rd, and she still has a set of lungs.  Happy Birthday, Janelle.