Sunday, April 25, 2010

Here is a poem that Rebecca created (with a little help) which she recited at The Young Author's Conference on Saturday:

Indianapolis Zoo

Indianapolis Zoo is a fun place to be,
And over spring break I got to see,
A dolphin show where they did cool tricks.
They jumped through hoops like they were sticks,
They jumped in the air and did some flips,
And on top of the water they did lots of skips.
When we got to the seals they waved at us,
And we got to play Simon says with them which was an awesome plus!
We went to the dog sharks, and I got to touch one.
It was wet and scary, but it was still a lot of fun!
We went on a train ride around the zoo,
And saw giraffes, elephants, and an animal hospital too.
As we walked around getting tired and sore,
We saw monkeys, lions, tigers, rhinos, and so much more!
But I'm still curious about those dog sharks,
Because I never heard them bark!

Prom 2010. Erika went solo this year, but had fun with friends. They ate at Olive Garden, enjoyed the dance and ended up at IHOP afterwards. She rolled in around 3 AM.

Yay Becky!
She is playing 5th grade volleyball for her school Oxbow Elementary. She may have a hidden talent.

Greetings from the Indianapolis Zoo! Spring Break 2010 took us to the Zoo. From a Dolphin Show to a ride on the train to seeing different kinds of animals it was blast.