Monday, May 10, 2010

2010 Band Festival-Jazz II. Seth is part of this group where he plays the Sax.
2010 Band Festival. Concert Band 1...this is the band that Cassidy is part of. This is a portion of the song.
2010 Band Festival-Symphonic Band. The best Concord has. They took 10th in the State of Indiana this past Saturday. There are no classes in this competition. This was 10th from the whole state. This performance is one movement of a only a portion of it.

2010 Band Festival. This is the 48th year they have done this. Find Erika, Seth and Cassidy in the pictures.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Family update:

Rebecca just concluded her first season playing Volleyball. Congratulations, Rebecca.

Seth and Erika are in Indianapolis today. Their high school symphonic band advanced to the State finals last week and today took 10th out of 16 teams.
Cassidy is a member of her high school track team mainly running in the 100m hurdles and the 300m hurdles. This is a video of her 2nd meet running the 300m Hurdles. She is in the green and captured 3rd place. This is a new race for her as it wasn't a race they ran in Junior High. Yep, she is winded by the end. However, this is a race that she is getting control of. This past Wednesday in a tri-meet event she scored 1st place. This coming week she will participate in the NLC Conference meet and then it is on to Sectionals. The top four qualifyers from Sectionals will advance to Regionals. Those who qualify at Regionals will advance to the state finals.